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Swirly World Mystery Liquid Wand Pen Kit

Swirly World Mystery Liquid Wand Pen Kit


• Which Pen Pal will you get? Brilliant Mer-Ber, Metallic Mer-Tiger, Sparkly Sammy, or Uni Mer-maiden. You choose the pen color but the character is a mystery!


This clever collectible activity allows you to make your very own light-up liquid wand pen! Add Pen Pal, microbeads, plastic "bubbles", clear accessory and mineral oil to create your habitat! Watch the Pen Pal swim up the pen as the other elements cascade to the bottom! Pen lights up when you press to write! You'll want to collect all 4 styles!


• Made in China

• Dimensions: 3" l x 1.5" w x 8.6" h

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