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Weekend Workshops
+ Special Events


Studio's 6th Birthday Party!

+ Sample Sale!

January 28


Come + Go​


Join Miss Megan to celebrate the Make Room's 6th Birthday! We'll have free crafts, prizes, and paint our windows. Miss Megan will have original artworks for sale, as well as a BUNCH of studio class samples. Retail items will be offered at a special discount, and all bookings, too! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Zine Club 4
3-Day Camp

Zine Club #4

March 13-15


$105 Per Maker

For Makers 8+

Calling all writers, poets, illustrators, designers, artists, and DIY enthusiasts!

Our fourth installment of Zine Club will meet to create their own mixed media Zine using old-school tech like label makers, typewriters, pen and ink, collage, and a trusty black + white copier to create a real mini magazine!

Makers are encouraged to come to class with ideas of what they would like to contribute to the zine before class begins. Subjects can include poems, recipes, word puzzles, mazes, comic ideas, fashion designs, etc. No pre-making required, though!

Each Maker will be distributed copies of the completed zine. 

Lubbock Arts Festival 2023.png
Family Fun!

Lubbock Arts Festival

April 15


April 16


Visit the Lubbock Arts Festival to see a variety of artists and their work. Enjoy live music, free activities, and be sure to stop by and see our booth for free crafts and interactive activities!

LubbockCon 2023.jpeg
Family Fun!


February 25


February 26


Visit Lubbock-Con 2023 at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center! Family friendly fun for all interested in comics, anime, manga, gaming, costuming, and more! Be sure to stop by our booth for free 90s and Sci Fi inspired crafts!

Celtic Faerie
Canvas Painting

Celtic Faerie Canvas

March 17


$25 Per Maker

Makers will choose the time of day their faerie appears before adding details, including a Celtic knot, in this single-session canvas painting class!

4-Day Camp

Garden pARTy

March 13-16


$165 Per Maker

Celebrate Spring with Miss Megan! Makers will create art for and inspired by the garden, including painted pots (complete with real flowers!), fairy doors, seed cups, Monet-inspired paintings, and more! 

Canvas Painting

Jumbo Abstract Art

March 17


$35 Per Maker

One of our favorite and most popular classes, ever! Inspired by the work of Irish street artist Maser (pictured), Makers will create their own 18 x 24" layered abstract painting using a variety of techniques. 

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