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Artists to Inspire, March: Helen Dardik

Our March Artist to Inspire is illustrator Helen Dardik. Filled with bright colors, simple shapes, and quirky fonts, Dardik's illustrations are sure to bring joy to all who see them!

Helen Dardik currently resides in Ottowa, Canada, but has spent time in Ukraine, Siberia, and Israel. The folk art of these countries has clearly influenced her work, perhaps most evidently in her floral compositions. Her designs emit happiness and joy, and frequently contain inspirational quotes, animals, flowers, and abstract patterns.

Students will be using Dardik's work as inspiration for our upcoming window display in Tornado Gallery's Window on Lubbock, located at the corner of 19th St. and Buddy Holly Avenue! The window display will be up for the entire month of April, with the opening on April 6!

Key concepts we'll be discussing with Dardik's work include:

+Recognizing a personal style in art

+Pattern and Repetition in art

Ways we'll MAKE:


+PAINTING with bold solid colors

+Utilizing PATTERN to make our art pop

+COMBINING painting, collage, and 3-D elements to create a display

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