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MMMR @ Lubbock-Con 2018

We had such a great time getting our nerd on this year at the 4th Annual Lubbock-Con!! My Crew (Mr. B, Kaye Aguilar, and Miss Megan's boys) and I had a blast making T-Shirt Capes, Word Bubble Signs, Masks, and Pendants with all the kids in attendance. On Saturday, I was part of a panel discussion with three other local ladies who are all benefitting Lubbock with ART! Truly thankful for the experience to talk about the benefits and struggles of being an artist and breaking through as an influencer in the local arts community. Thank you Will Terrell (an awesome artist himself) for the opportunity! On Sunday I was honored to reward the Children's Costume Contest winners with gift certificates t

Artists to Inspire, February: Horace Pippin

"Pictures just come to my mind and I tell my heart to go ahead." -Horace Pippin February is Black History Month and we are honoring American painter Horace Pippin (1888-1946) in celebration. Pippin survived a childhood of poverty and an absent father, quit school by eighth grade, worked myriad jobs to support his family, was a veteran of WWI and despite having no money, training, or even the use of his right arm after sustaining injury in the war, Horace persevered and never gave up on himself, his family, his community, or his passion. He served his community by leading a Boy Scout troop, caring for his neighbors, and providing help to others in any way he could with limited resources. For

LISD TV At Miss Megan's Make Room!

LISD TV students learn all about newscasting and communications while filming stories about local businesses and events. Miss Megan's Make Room has welcomed LISD TV to film and interview during many of our summer camps. Check out their segments below. Thank you LISD TV for featuring us as part of your broadcasts!

Miss Megan was also on Fox34 News on Halloween 2017! To view one of the six(!) live segments, click HERE!

June 7, 2017

Mural Madness Summer Camp

Miss Megan's Make Room


3307 Elgin Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79410

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