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Take a Trip Jumbo Coloring Book

Take a Trip Jumbo Coloring Book


A jumbo sized coloring book featuring jaq jaq & her friends! Pack a suitcase and travel the world with mango, esme and brunelli! Each book contains 6 fully illustrated pages for coloring and 26 blank pages for doodling, drawing or wherever your imagination takes you. What will you be taking on your trip?


Pairs perfectly with  butterstix® aquarelle wet & dry which invites dust-free and mess-free coloring and can be turned into watercolor with the included aqua brush pen.


• 10.25" x 14.0" when folded, 10.25" x 28.0" when open

• 6 coloring pages & 26 black pages

• designed to be used with our butterstix® aquarelle wet & dry

• eco-friendly saddle stitch binding

• recyclable

• ages 3+


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