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Space, Above & Beyond Coloring and Activity Book

Space, Above & Beyond Coloring and Activity Book


An activity book that is truly out of this world! Whether you are down-to-earth or truly far-out, there’s something for you to love in this book. What animals have been to space? What have humans left on the moon? What is a red supergiant?


This coloring and activity book is unlike anything else out there, and kids and parents can tell the difference!

- Full of jokes that keep kids laughing.

- Packed with fun facts that keep kids turning pages.

- Our unique variety of activities engage different parts of the brain, holding kids' attention for longer.

- Works for a broad range of ages. Even parents have enjoyed doing the activities!

- Activities strike the right balance between challenging and doable, which makes them very rewarding to complete!


These creative activities and fun-fact coloring pages relieve stress and hold your attention. Release endorphins as you solve the puzzles and laugh as you discover the unexpected answers! Recommended for ages 8 and up!

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