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Legendary Monsters: Cryptids Coloring and Activity Book

Legendary Monsters: Cryptids Coloring and Activity Book


For true believers and skeptics alike, this book about cryptids is sure to suck you in (and legend has it, you may never return). Featuring well-known cryptids like sasquatch and loch ness monster, as well as lesser-known creatures like the loveland frog!


This coloring and activity book is unlike anything else out there, and kids and parents can tell the difference! - Full of jokes that keep kids laughing.

- Packed with fun facts that keep kids turning pages.

- Our unique variety of activities engage different parts of the brain, holding kids' attention for longer.

- Works for a broad range of ages. Even parents have enjoyed doing the activities!

- Activities strike the right balance between challenging and doable, which makes them very rewarding to complete!


These creative activities and fun-fact coloring pages relieve stress and hold your attention. Release endorphins as you solve the puzzles and laugh as you discover the unexpected answers! Recommended for ages 8 and up!


Made in USA

Your Very Favorite

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