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Horsin' Around Jiggie  Puzzle

Horsin' Around Jiggie Puzzle


Horsin' around

Cowboy up! Don't squat with your spurs on. Fixin' to y'all. Howdy. Bless your heart. Damn fool. Hitch in my giddyup. Shindig. Moove on. Might could. Pure-dee. Tall tales and big buckles. Long live big tex. On'ry. Yee-haw! You're a real wing dinger. Much obliged. This ain't my first rodeo. Kick off your boots and stay awhile. Boots, chaps and cowboy hats. Cattywampus. Reckon. Conniption. Uppity.

Cowboy & horse shaped jigsaw puzzle.

Finished puzzle size approximately 8 1/4" x 8"

10+ minute difficulty.

56 pieces

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