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Eyespectro Strategy Game

Eyespectro Strategy Game


Keep your eyes on the board and watch with satisfaction as a colorful spectrum unfolds; eyespectro is a strategic game of color and calculation, won by scoring the most points as you match vibrant triangular tiles and align their similar hues.


A perfect match is indicated by matching identical numbers, while a regular match is scored by matching sides within 4 points of each other.


The most exciting move to make? Play a ‘holey match’ by placing a tile which matches on all 3 sides and fills a hole - scoring you a full 12 points!


Engaging both the right and left side of the brain, this game promises challenge and satisfaction for players aged 8+, with the end game making a striking piece of geometric art in its own right. Choose short, standard, or longer game length. Skills: strategic thinking, numeracy skills, introduction to the color spectrum.


Ages: 8+

Includes: holographic foil box, 60 game pieces, 4 score pads and 1 drawstring bag


Made in China

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