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Connector Watercolor Paint Box - 12 Colors

Connector Watercolor Paint Box - 12 Colors


Watercolor paint is pigment-packed, and easily mixes and blends! The 12 vibrant and opaque paint colors are washable and will stand the test of time. Comes with everything you need to learn the art of watercolor! This watercolor paint set features 12 vibrant watercolors, a mixing tray (doubles as the lid), and a tube of opaque white paint to mix the perfect color. Paints are easily stored in a reusable sturdy plastic case, making this watercolor art set a great on-the-go art companion! Watercolor painting boosts fine motor skills, enhances problem-solving skills, and promotes creativity. Connector paints feature a unique design that allows them to be clicked together. Click primary colors together to learn basic color mixing techniques and incorporate secondary colors as you advance! Watercolor paint is non-toxic and kid-friendly.


From Faber-Castell

Made in Germany

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